Managing Director of GILLMANN

« The expansion project of the GILLMANN production unit is to extend the range of products we offer. In addition to the increase in production capacity to 1.6 million cones/month for sewing thread, new production lines for industrial threads and filaments for the automotive industry are planned. Optical fiber and leather fiber will be introduced in May 2021. This type of thread will be produced in Morocco for the first time and this local production will be a real import substitution for Moroccan industrialists.

Mohamed FILALI

This investment was motivated by the will to reduce our Turkish and Chinese dependence. We have gained enough experience to meet the different needs in Morocco and abroad for technical yarns and we believe that this is the best time to invest in our sector. Today, everyone is aware of the impact that a pandemic can have on certain products, which import requires about 3 months. With this investment, our industrialists will be able to have in 24 to 48 hours the threads they used to import in 3 months. The second point that motivated our investment, is the real support of the State through the Ministry of Industry. This subsidy of 20% is a real driving force for industrialists who wish to embark on promising projects that represent a real added value for the national economy. We feel supported and helped, it creates a ground of confidence essential for investment».

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